Breakfast Coordinator Feedback

Please see below the feedback we have received from the Breakfast Coordinator about our breakfast provision.

Pens Meadow Classroom breakfast is something to be very proud of; the children have such a warm, welcoming environment as they come into school, something which I am sure is very gratefully received after long journeys on transport. Whilst visiting, I saw that:

·       Your average daily uptake is 81 children (including Post-16), which is 76%! Those that aren’t eating, cannot eat for medical reasons, so you don’t appear to have any unmet need at the moment!

·       You have developed a good system for prepping and serving your food; it is very clear that ALL staff are on board with this process, and all breakfasts are individualised to the child. The self-selection books that have been made are lovely, and this all ties in so nicely with your bagel bear object, your aprons, and your giant bagel!

·       Because your food is prepared almost ‘to order’, food wastage is very low.

·       Thank you for promptly completing your data submission and your headteacher survey.

·       Your provision is in line with School Food Standards; I appreciate that this can sometimes be challenging for you when your students have particular dietary requirements, but where possible everything is in line. The children have access to fruit every morning should they wish to have a piece.

·       Your Launch event went above and beyond any school I have seen; the fact that your family outreach team were involved, and managed to engage parents with this, is great.

·       You commented that the National School Breakfast Programme has become part of your daily routine; it is involved in many areas of the curriculum, and something that you find really valuable. I’m really pleased it is working so well for you.