What families say about us:

  • ‘If at any time there is a problem with my child (at home) the teachers at school are willing to listen and help with the problem by talking it through and addressing the issues and resolving the problem. Both sites have lovely staff.’
  • ‘Nothing is too much trouble, communication with home is excellent. My son has been treated as an individual, important person and has been encouraged to be as independent as possible. The school is a safe and secure place. All the staff at the school are very special, caring people who understand our needs’
  • ‘Family outreach is a really big help for parents struggling with the system, providing help and advice.’
  •  ‘The 16 plus unit is well organised, it feels like a family. I do not worry as I know my son is happy and get along together and the staff are marvellous.’
  • ‘The relationship between class teachers and parents is excellent. We are always told what our children have done on a daily basis.’
  • ‘Everyone is friendly, it’s like an extended family and not just a school.’
  • ‘I love how the teachers phone, just to keep you up to date, even if a situation has been resolved. You can really have a one to one relationship with the staff, and they really care about your child.’

What staff say about us:

  • ‘The strategies we are able to put in place as a team enable pupils to meet their outcomes.’
  • ‘We ensure pupils have a happy, safe environment.’
  • ‘It is very important to have good relationships with the children, knowing their needs so we can keep them happy, safe and healthy.’
  • ‘The purpose of me is to ensure pupils consistently have fun, effective learning opportunities.’
  • ‘By keeping my medical skills up to date I ensure the children’s needs can be met without this affecting their learning opportunities.’
  • ‘I really enjoy working with the students, supporting them to gain new experiences and challenging them to do their best.’
  • ‘I work closely with parents to get the best for our pupils.’
  • ‘We are a good team, we support each other.’
  • ‘I can give advice to other staff but also get advice when I need it.’